[beta 1.1] Even faster tests
Flusk Vault
  • Flusk Vault tests now run even faster than before! We achieved that by not checking security points that have not been updated since the last test
  • New notifications system, you won't receive notifications anymore when a Flusk Vault tab is opened!
Bugs fixes:
  • No more triggering "Sensitive parameter in API call" when the value is empty, removing even more false positive issues
[beta 1.0] Beta Release 🎉
Today is an important milestone for us and it’s important that you know about it.
We just released Flusk Vault on its open beta version!
What's new?
New Pricing Model
We were thinking about this for the past 3 weeks, and we finally decided that the pricing model will not be a monthly subscription.
Instead, you will buy a 1-year license for every app you want to perform audits on. No automatic renewal.
Final pricing is available at
Reviewing databases and pages sensitivity
Reviewing databases and pages should now be easier: we simplified the process to make it "Not sensitive" or "Sensitive". No more misunderstanding with the "Medium sensitivity", that we were anyway handling as something "Sensitive".
We now support multi-versioning on Flusk Vault. It was a lot of work on the app structure and on how our back-end was composed, but it is now working.
It allows you to split your Vault Dashboard depending on the versions you have on your app, and the issues are also now version-dependent. It means an issue can be resolved on version 'test', but will still remain unresolved as it is present on version 'live'.
Significant Performances Improvements
  • We removed page checks for non-sensitive pages, making the testing time down approx. 20%
  • We upgraded our infrastructure to a higher plan which will increase test speed. We're also planning on having a specific "priority" job time which is expected to run 400% faster.
Bulk actions on task
New issues tab design
Screenshot 2023-03-03 at 6
Collaborators and assignees
Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 3
New features:
  • We'll now ask from time to time to review some of the issues you classify in order to improve the relevance of the reports
  • A new issue type has been added: "Test version protection". It basically checks if your test version is protected with a password. We are thinking about giving you AI-generated feedback about the complexity of the username/password combination.
  • A new issue type has been added: "Default username password combination". If your test version is protected by a password, we check if the combination is equal to the default one, which is 'username':'password'.
  • Assign an issue to a collaborator: you can assign one or multiple people on an issue, so they know they are concerned with and can filter the issues view to only show the issues they're assigned on.
  • Issue history: we now keep in our database the evolution of every issue. You can basically find 4 types of entries in the history: comments, when the issue was discovered, collaboration assignation and version logging.
Minors improvements and fixes:
  • Fixed an error where the main menu disappeared
  • Added corresponding actions to every issue type
  • Checklist is now reinitialized when adding a new page/database
  • Updated Intercom article about reviewing pages/databases
  • Added a tab to manage organization
  • "Missing Admin Permission" when adding "" as a collab was not working anymore. It is now fixed.
  • Weird line next to the chat box: it is now fixed. We couldn't fix this issue for more than 5 weeks!
  • Updated the whole pricing model and the app logic
  • Wrote Intercom documentation about collaborators, organization members and application sharing
  • Added a new, prettier loader when adding a new app and performing a test
  • Added a tooltip for sensitivity rating to help people better understand what it is about
  • Added icons in the Issues Tab next to the "Items" to give more context about the issues
  • Changed UX and UI of the "Assume prediction is correct". To be honest, the UX & UI changement were... to delete that button.
  • When filtering the issues in the Issues Tab, the issues count was not showing up anymore: it is now fixed
  • Fixed a small bug when submitting feedback about an issue: it was throwing an error when you did not add a description
  • Sometimes, the issue "API Workflow Protection" did not tell you which API Workflow it was talking about. It is now fixed.
  • It is now possible to add a new app via its URL (before, it was only via app ID)
  • Added a verification when adding a new app via ID. We are verifying that the ID you entered is linked to a Bubble app.
  • When performing an action on an issue (ignore, mark as resolved), we now automatically close it
  • Fixed a small responsive bug about issues count per category
  • Added a hover status on "I need help understanding this issue"
  • Added a button "My dashboard" on that sends you to
  • You can now open the Bubble Editor on the right tab according to your Vault issue (if it's a privacy rules issue, we'll open the editor in the Privacy rules tab) (pretty cool, isn't it?)
  • Issues non related to pages are now shown on top of the issues list
  • Approve collaborator: there was a bug where we could not see if the collaborator could only work on development version
  • Reviewing databases sensitivity is now faster & less buggy
  • Fixed alignement on issues RG
  • Fixed weird behaviour of the issues RG at the bottom of the page
  • The "Vault installation down" notification could be sent before you added "" as a collaborator for the first time. It is now fixed
  • Sample issue was shown multiple times if you had more than 1 version
  • Blocked "Issues" and "Checklist" tabs on mobile devices
  • Delete function has been 100% finished, making us a bit more RGPD compliant
[a0.2.1] Improvements
Flusk Vault
Improvements :
  • Made better UI for issues RG on wide screens
  • Filters now follow the current scroll position of the user in the Issues page to avoid scrolling manually to the top to filter the issues
  • Improved UI & UX for pages sensitivity review
  • Added a 'link' logo next to 'Page access' issue to open that page and debug more easily
[a0.2] Major stability improvements
Flusk Vault
  • Our most significant bug at the time is finally solved! We moved our infrastructure successfully and now expect better stability, although we might experience longer installation and test duration. Good trade anyway!
  • You can finally have a time estimate when running a test or installing Flusk Vault
  • The progress bar when running a test or installing Flusk Vault is now working again!
  • The installation page was redesigned to show the progress of your update better
  • The Current Jobs viewer was redesigned and now shows the progress of jobs among all your apps (not only the current one), more logs and better UI.
  • Optimised all jobs systems to slow down refresh rate when idle.
  • Jobs now get an estimated time upfront based on your recent similar jobs (for tests only), other jobs with similar apps, and also in realtime based on the speed of execution.
Bug fix:
  • Fixed a refreshing bug on the installation page causing an unnecessary huge amount of request to our server and slowing down performance for users.
  • Fixed texts in notifications "extractions"
[a0.1.9] Just for us, admins
Flusk Vault
  • We now ask for review and feedback when ignoring or resolving an issue
  • Setting up webhook from Canny to increment users' posts, votes and comment on their score
  • Admin dashboard now shows last active next to scoring
[a0.1.9] More security
Flusk Vault
  • You now only see unresolved issues as default.
  • The "Custom test" popup is now working! You can now run tests only on specific parts.
    For advanced users only.
  • "Remaining time" when job is finished
  • Is it now impossible to run a new test when the previous one has crashed. This prevents any further errors.
Screenshot 2023-02-06 at 15
[a0.1.8] Backend improvement
Flusk Vault
Bug fixing
  • Fixed permission error when you don't have any apps
  • Added referral system on both Webflow and Bubble
  • We're now checking for installations error more efficiently
  • We changed the delay for detecting installation status change from 30 minutes to 15-55 seconds :)
  • You can now receive a notification when your installation status changes
Small fixes
  • Changed "Opening link..." by "Redirecting..." when login in
  • Added a copy button next to the collaborator email
  • Fixed roundness on billing elements
  • Added new metrics options for our team to monitor users
Small fixes
[a0.1.7] Redesign permission system
  • To bring more security and control over your apps on Flusk, we redesigned the permission and role system.
This might lead to some issues and bugs, feel free to reach out.
Small fixes
[a0.1.6.2] Bug fixing
Flusk Vault
  • Fixed default tab to Flusk Vault when installed
  • Added app information details in the "Settings" tabs
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